Drug Delivery

Does your medical device require a drug coating? Do you need tunable elution and degradation? With Surmodics, you have a full range of drug delivery solutions designed to improve the performance of your medical device.

Surmodics technology can apply a polymeric matrix on the surface of a medical device to achieve controlled release of bioactive pharmaceuticals. Our high-quality durable or degradable drug delivery systems are available for virtually all types of devices and geometries—from coated balloons and stents to ophthalmic platforms.  

Biocompatible drug delivery coatings from Surmodics:

  • Deliver a variety of pharmaceutical agents
  • Offer controlled release ranging from minutes to years
  • Coat various materials and designs
  • Support your regulatory submission through Master Files

Your Surmodics Advantage:  Expertise that Saves You Time and Trouble

For years, Surmodics has developed both durable and degradable polymer coatings for site-specific drug delivery. In fact, our durable drug delivery polymer matrix coating enabled the first-to-market drug-eluting coronary stent in 2003.

Today, Surmodics has a growing array of proprietary technologies, technical expertise, and insight. Best of all, we’ll share our knowledge with you.

When working with drug delivery coatings, there are many issues that can arise. Stability concerns, solubility challenges, polymorphic form control… and those are just a few. We can save you time and trouble by providing you with a full spectrum of support designed to get your product to market. From identifying the right solution and testing it to consulting on regulatory pathways and manufacturing, Surmodics is there for you.

Learn how durable drug delivery coatings and degradable drug delivery coatings from Surmodics can help you achieve your objectives.