Looking to improve the blood compatibility of your medical device? Want to assess hemocompatibility? Need an alternative to heparin? Surmodics can help.

Hemocompatible coatings from Surmodics can significantly improve blood compatibility of a variety of medical devices, ranging from those that are in the body for minutes to those that remain for years. As you would expect, our hemocompatible coatings are biocompatible.

Hemocompatible surfaces:

  • Improve device performance
  • Reduce adherence of blood components
  • Minimize blood clot formation
  • Keep device surfaces clean
  • Extend in-dwelling time

Your Surmodics Advantage:  Coating Choices and Testing Expertise

Hemocompatible coatings from Surmodics are applied with our leading PhotoLink® technology. The PhotoLink process is a unique surface modification method that uses light-activated chemistry to coat medical device substrates. PhotoLink technology provides true covalent chemical bonding of the coating to the device substrate.

Surmodics has a long history of working with hemocompatible coatings. Our heparin coatings are featured on a number of approved and commercially available medical devices. We offer hemocompatible coatings in addition to heparin, and are continually researching new technologies. Whatever your needs, we can customize a formulation to meet your blood compatibility and durability requirements.

When it’s time to measure the hemocompatibility of your device, look to Surmodics for a full range of testing services. 

Learn how hemocompatible coatings from SurModics can help you achieve your objectives.