Want your device to have a slippery surface? Need the coating to be very thin? Looking for greater durability? Surmodics has the answer.

Surmodics provides best-in-class lubricity with hydrophilic medical device coatings that reduce coefficient of friction by up to 98%. When applied to vascular catheters, delivery catheters, guidewires, and other materials and devices, our high-quality lubricious hydrophilic coatings create reduced friction surfaces designed to:

  • Improve physician control and device deliverability
  • Reduce procedure time and insertion forces
  • Minimize tissue irritation and damage
  • Increase patient comfort

Your Surmodics Advantage:  Flexible Options, Fast to Market

Lubricity is achieved using our patented PhotoLink® chemistry. Unlike some surface modification technologies, the PhotoLink process uses light-activated chemistry to coat a variety of medical device substrates.

The application method results in an ultra thin coating that is highly durable and survives even the longest procedures. Oven curing or baking aren’t involved in our PhotoLink coating process, so you don’t have to worry about thermal exposure or solvents that might damage your device substrate.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can apply our lubricious coatings, thanks to our efficient, room temperature processes and rapid cure times. In just minutes—not hours—the process is complete. What’s more, Surmodics’ lubricous coatings can be easily integrated into existing device manufacturing processes.

Learn how lubricious coatings from Surmodics can help you achieve your objectives.