Hemocompatible Coating Technology

Surmodics uses PhotoLink® technology to apply a variety of hemocompatible coatings to many different kinds of medical devices. Light-activated chemistry coats substrates to improve blood compatibility.

When it comes to hemocompatible hydrophilic coating alternatives, Surmodics doesn’t limit your choices. Active and passive coatings are customizable to your specific blood compatibility and durability requirements. Simply tell us what you need and our medical device coatings team will deliver a solution.

Surmodics offers a heparin coating that is used on commercially available medical devices. Working with a company that has expertise in this area can make your regulatory pathway smoother. In addition to heparin coatings, Surmodics also offers a passive commercially available hemocompatible coating and continues to develop other non-heparin coating options.

All hemocompatible coatings are applied with our PhotoLink process. This unique technology:

  • Uses light-activated chemistry to bond the coating to the substrate
  • Quickly and evenly coats nearly all medical-grade materials
  • Offers single- and multi-coat performance without lengthy curing times
  • Can be easily incorporated into existing manufacturing processes
  • Allows hemocompatible coatings to be combined with other coatings offering infection resistance, lubricity, and drug delivery
Why PhotoLink Technology?
Feature Benefit
Covalent bonding to virtually all medical-grade materials Imparts tenacity and durability to minimize clot formation
Dependable reagents Produces consistent coatings without complex processing
Turn-key solution Can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing systems
Clear and colorless before and after curing Causes no cosmetic change to device
Coating is very thin Results in insignificant dimensional change to substrate
No harsh solvents or coating conditions Improves environment and workplace safety
Easily customized Provides additional characteristics, such as infection resistance and lubricity simultaneously
Single coat performance Delivers greater manufacturing efficiency
Intra-matrix crosslinking Results in predictable, stable coating