PhotoLink® Technology

Surmodics’ proven PhotoLink® technology has been enhancing the performance of medical devices for more than 25 years.

Light-activated PhotoLink technology enables a covalent bond to form between lubricious coatings and device substrates. This flexible technology allows Surmodics' lubricious coatings to be applied to nearly all medical device substrates. PhotoLink technology also delivers best-in-class lubricity and durability and rapid cure times. It is easily incorporated into existing manufacturing processes. Count on simplicity and success with Surmodics.

Why PhotoLink Technology?  
Feature Benefit
Covalent bonding Improves tenacity and durability
Intra-matrix crosslinking Results in predictable, stable coating
Flexible, proven technology Enables coating of nearly all medical device substrates
Reliable reagents Produces consistent coatings without complex processing
Clear and colorless before and after curing Causes no cosmetic change to device
Coating is very thin Results in insignificant dimensional change to substrate
Light activated Efficient, room temperature cure
No harsh solvents or coating conditions Improves environment and workplace safety
Turn-key solution Can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing systems
Easily customized Provides multiple surface properties, simultaneously