Specialty Catheter Technology

Ultra-thin walled, high-performance catheter technology

Proprietary Composite Catheter Shaft Tubing

A game-changer for the most challenging intravascular catheter applications

Surmodics’ proprietary coiled/braided shaft technology is unique: ultra-thin walled, yet with unsurpassed performance in bending, kink-resistance, torque and radial strength. With four times the metal composition of competitors, Surmodics shafts also provide excellent flexibility and reduced ovalization.

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Intraluminal Diameter Image
Half the wall thickness of conventional
large bore shafts

Coiled/braided shaft construction for highly differentiated catheters

  • Sizes for multiple clinical applications: 2Fr-8Fr and large bore 9Fr-34Fr
  • Half the wall thickness of conventional large bore shafts – as low as 0.009” for 20Fr shaft – to maintain intraluminal diameter while reducing outer diameter
  • Customization with axial filars for enhanced tensile strength
  • Distal curve shapes available
  • Exceptional performance for large-bore applications


Surmodics shaft technology allows for a bend radius approximately 3 times smaller than a conventional braided shaft without kinking.

20Fr shown in photos
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Torque response
Nearly 1:1 torque compared to 25% torque typical with conventional braided catheters.

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Torque Response Chart Radial Strength Chart

1. Data on file at Surmodics, Inc. Eden Prairie, MN

Steerable and deflectable large-bore capabilities

  • Steerable and deflectable capabilities up to 34Fr
  • Uni-directional, bi-directional and quad-directional devices
  • Robust performance for structural heart applications
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Complete custom catheter solutions

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Comprehensive design and development capabilities Pilot manufacturing capabilities in Plymouth, Minnesota High-volume commercial manufacturing in Galway, Ireland Quality and regulatory support