Market Applications

Surmodics’ expertise and innovative technologies are used in a variety of market applications.

Applying our knowledge and experience in core capabilities—surface modification and drug delivery technologies—allows us to extend our clinical reach beyond the areas highlighted here.

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Surmodics’ lubricious and hemocompatible hydrophilic coatings are used on a variety of coronary device applications. We also offer drug delivery technologies for medical devices, such as stents and balloons.

Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) applications include lubricious coatings that improve the placement, durability, and removal of defibrillator and pacemaker leads, catheters, and guide wires while our hemocompatible coatings are used on electrophysiology devices. We also offer drug delivery coatings for site-specific drug delivery (steroids) from pacemaker and defibrillator leads.

  • Coronary stent systems
  • Angioplasty catheters
  • Access systems
  • Chronic total occlusion devices
  • Laser, orbital, and mechanical atherectomy catheters
  • Visualization catheters (IVUS and OCT)
  • Specialty guide wires
  • Diagnostic catheters
  • CRM leads, catheters and guide wires
  • Electrophysiology catheters


Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is the narrowing or blockage of arteries that results in poor blood flow to the arms and legs. Surmodics' coating technology has been successfully used on the following peripheral vascular devices:

  • Endovascular graft systems
  • Peripheral stent systems
  • Atherectomy systems
  • Thrombectomy systems
  • Intravascular imaging
  • Vascular closure devices
  • Angioplasty catheters
  • Intravascular sensors and catheters


Surmodics' low profile lubricious coatings are used
for improved deliverability of neurovascular applications
such as:

  • Infusion catheters
  • Hydrocephalic shunts
  • Embolic protection devices
  • Stroke treatment devices

Structural Heart

Surmodics’ hydrophilic coatings improve the deliverability and repositioning requirements specific to structural heart procedures.

  • Access systems
  • Percutaneous heart valve systems
  • Structural heart defect repair delivery systems


Surmodics has partnered with several industry leaders to provide lubricious coatings for disposable and implantable urogenital products.

In the diabetes market, Surmodics has technology to improve the function and reliability of intravascular sensors that help maintain tight glycemic control in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Non-vascular devices
Surmodics' lubricious coatings help to minimize tissue abrasion and trauma on a variety of non-vascular GI endoscopy applications. Our coatings can also improve product performance in areas such as the harsh digestive environment.

Novel technologies
Surmodics' surface modification and drug delivery technologies have far-reaching applicability in the medical device market. Our broad array of technologies and strength in polymer chemistry enable us to create novel therapeutic solutions and solve unmet clinical needs.