Analytical Chemistry

What are the physical properties of your coating solution? What is the quantity of drug on your device? What is the drug elution profile? If you have a question, our analytical chemists have the answer.

Surmodics offers a comprehensive range of analytical chemistry methods to support all stages of coating materials development. Our chemists are experienced in surface modification chemistry and drug delivery, and are able to quickly develop and implement methods to ascertain chemical purity, stability, and drug elution profiles, for example.

State-of-the-Art Instruments
Count on Surmodics to have all the equipment needed to provide timely, accurate analysis.

Representative analysis studies include: 

  • Research for early development of coatings
  • Heparin activity testing (thrombin inhibition assay)
  • Biological assay for cell attachment and proliferation
  • Endotoxin testing
  • A variety of simulated use models and testing methods for FDA submission (methods include Coulter counter and light obscuration)
  • Coating characterization (analyze pot life, total solids test, viscosity test, UV absorbance, density)
  • Pre-validation tasks (method development and validation, reproducibility to formulate an SOP)

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