Contract Coating Services

After the concept stage and before commercialization, you may need a reliable, cost-effective resource to apply and test the coating. With Surmodics, you have flexibility—use our coating services, a third party, or bring it in-house with a technical transfer. We’ll do what it takes to help speed your device to market.

In addition to technical transfer of the coating process to your facility or a third-party manufacturer of your choice, Surmodics provides coating services to support pre-clinical studies, clinical trials, and full commercialization. 

Consider the ways we are ready right now to support your commercial builds:

  • Quality and engineering systems in place for the highest quality products
  • QC testing to verify coating performance (coating formulations and device testing methods already developed)
  • On-site surface characterization equipment and expertise to rapidly troubleshoot processes
  • A commitment to process and quality improvements
  • Experts ready to reconfigure or adjust coating solutions, if needed, quickly and effectively
  • Six separate coating suites, with the flexibility to add more

Why Rely on Surmodics for Contract Coating?

  • Reduce your risk of delay
  • Maximize coating process yield
  • Qualified equipment in place
  • Fast and efficient validation using Surmodics’ qualified equipment
  • Eliminate your investment in capital equipment and coating personnel
  • Speed your product to market
  • Focus on what you do best instead of trying to achieve coating expertise


See how Contract Coating
fits into your overall product-
to-market process path.

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