Surface Characterization

Smoothness. Uniformity. Thickness. Durability. Our Surface Characterization team is skilled at measuring these and many more attributes.

We support all stages of coating development by using various surface characterization methodologies to measure the critical physical and chemical properties of coatings and surfaces. This includes determining coating thickness, identifying morphology, and evaluating the durability and shelf life of coating formulations specific to your product requirements.

Our in-house capabilities allow us to streamline the analysis process. It also makes our services more cost-effective and ensures the highest level of responsiveness to your deadlines.

Surface Characterization instruments include:

  • Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM) to measure thickness, topography, and uniformity of coatings
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) to scan coating thickness and uniformity at the nanometer scale
  • Raman Microscope to see distribution of drug/polymer mix in coating
  • Optical Interferometer to measure coating thickness and uniformity
  • Infrared Microscope to determine the surface chemistry of coatings and identify defects
  • Light Microscopes to image coating homogeneity

Representative analysis studies include:

  • Durability testing – failure modes such as cracking and peeling
  • Shelf-life/aging studies – drug crystallization, chemical stability
  • Chemistry/process reproducibility – coating morphology consistency
  • Defect analysis – impurities, contaminants
  • Fundamental understanding – drug release mechanisms, innovation

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