Technical Services

Think of the people you work with at Surmodics as extensions of your team. They are the experts you wish you could have on staff full time. The friendly voices on the phone ready to solve any problem. The experienced professionals best prepared to help meet your launch dates.

The Surmodics technical services team serves you at every point in the coating process, from feasibility and development, to ongoing technical support after commercialization. Your technical services team member is your liaison to Surmodics Regulatory, Analytical, and Surface Characterization experts – helping you get highly focused, responsive support based on your specific needs.

Your Technical Services team member can also travel to your facility to:

  • Assist in evaluating any process change or new equipment
  • Help you increase throughput
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Train your coating personnel

Count on us to provide you with answers that address your technical questions, such as: "What is the recommended temperature and humidity in our clean room for the Surmodics' coating process?"

We speak your language both figuratively and literally: figuratively—in how we understand your business need and can provide the technical support to help you achieve it; literally—in the many world languages we actually speak, helping remove potential communication barriers.

In Their Words: What Customers Say about Working with Surmodics

“We have confidence that if we come to them with a coating problem that they will have the correct resources to help us figure out what we should do. We have people who are familiar with coatings and have worked with them, but we don’t have people with the same level of expertise as Surmodics’ experts.”
2011 customer statement on file at Surmodics

“I have found Surmodics very supportive and good to work with.”
2011 customer statement on file at Surmodics

“There are a couple of reasons I work with Surmodics: 1) They have a coating that works very well for our purpose. 2) We’ve had a very good working relationship with the team there; they’ve been very helpful and collaborative to make this coating work on our product.”
2011 customer statement on file at Surmodics

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