Pre-mixed Coating Services

We’ve scaled up our pre-mixed coatings services. For manufacturers, that means improved quality control, efficiency, and value.

Traditional coating solutions require manufacturers to purchase multiple dry ingredients, precisely measure and combine them, agitate them, and perform quality control testing. The process takes several hours, and introduces risk of lot-to-lot variability caused by human error.

Surmodics pre-mixed, ready-to-use coating solutions are an attractive alternative that aligns with today’s lean manufacturing needs. They help you maintain rigid quality control and increase efficiency – even as they sharply reduce the labor required to prepare coatings on-site.

Expanded capacity for greater value
In response to demand, we’ve scaled up our pre-mixed coating services. Surmodics can now supply larger volumes of ready-to-use solutions than ever before – still delivered in convenient one-liter containers.

For our customers, this means improved value – not only through volume purchasing, but also in easier inventory management with a dramatic reduction in part numbers.

Pre-mixed Coating Services Brochure (208.5 KB)

Leave the Chemistry to Us
Let us handle the quality control for your coating solutions – and keep you focused on your bottom line.





  • Reduced lot-to-lot variability

  • Quality review and release

  • Solutions Safety

  • Data Sheets

  • Reduced time from sourcing to use

  • Faster production throughput

  • Flexible volumes and order fulfillment in sync with your production needs

  • Eliminated need for solution release testing

  • Reduced investment in labor

  • Reduced need for capital equipment purchases

  • Efficient scale-up and order volumes