Corporate Development

Surmodics is committed to providing our customers with the world's foremost innovative technologies and products. To support that vision, Surmodics is actively seeking to acquire, in-license, jointly develop, or invest in complementary external technologies and products. 

Products and technologies of interest include:

  • Biomaterials-based technologies and products with potential applications in surface modification or site-specific drug delivery
  • Devices or medical products utilizing advanced biomaterials and/or controlled release technology
  • Drug-device combination products
  • Products, tools and technologies for potential applications in the in vitro diagnostics, genomics/proteomics, and cell-based discovery markets

Significant Experience in Creating Value
Surmodics has a proven track record of bringing new products expeditiously from concept to successful commercialization. We have extensive scientific expertise and strong technical and business capabilities to evaluate and assimilate new technologies and innovations. Furthermore, we have established a broad customer base in the medical device and biotechnology industries through our numerous relationships with companies ranging from small start-ups to global industry leaders. 

Additionally, we invest in select technologies or products that enhance our medical device and in vitro diagnostics business. Because of these distinctive strengths and capabilities, Surmodics can serve as the unique value-creating interface between your innovations and potential customers.

Surmodics can also serve as the enabling link between biotech companies and medical device companies to create breakthrough drug/device combination products. Bringing complementary innovations and capabilities together significantly increases the likelihood of commercialization success and value creation in a timely manner.

Flexible Corporate Development Process and Structures
Surmodics understands the importance of these key relationships, and we have a strong respect for confidentiality and business ethics. We are committed to being responsive to our partners' needs and timelines. Recognizing that each relationship is unique, we are creative in devising business structures to suit the specific opportunity. Our ultimate goal is to create significant value for both parties.

Structures employed in previous Surmodics corporate development transactions include:

  • Technology in-licensing
  • Acquisition
  • Joint technology/product development
  • Strategic alliance
  • Strategic investment
  • Merger or acquisition

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